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Will it nibble around the edges or will it actually go after the oil companies? Underneath, the girl stopped for a moment and let Bumper nibble on the green grass. The result was that the sheep came right outside the door to nibble on the juicy young grass. Would he be able to nibble on foie gras, sip alfredo fettuccine and taste chocolate mousse without gaining weight? There are more snacks in a cupboard, all of which are free, including a selection of salty and sweet snacks, water, and even kombucha. He had been trying all day to nibble it and dig underneath, but the thread had only hurt his teeth without giving way to a particle. He stopped to nibble on a few ridges, and when he was scared, he kept walking around the obstacle. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word «snacking.» The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Enjoy them with casual snacks or appetizers such as olives, salami, and other appetizers. Britannica English: Translation of snack foods for Arabic speakers If they are young hawksbill turtles, they will nibble on algae and soon move on to crabs and crustaceans and even small fish. R Rags: Classified clothes: Observed, observed, facing a single rap: Criminal complaint Rapper: Fake, Mounts Rat: Inform Rate: To be good, for something Rats and mice count: dice, that is, As soon as you arrive, you will interact with our gang (in character all the time). Can you follow them? Study and book to find out! Y Ya Follow: Do you understand? Yap: Mouth Yard: $100 Yegg: Safecracker that can only open simple and cheap safes K Kale: Spicy silver: attractive or attractive. Kick-off: Die Kiss: To Hit Kisser: Mouth Kitten: Woman Knock off: Kill W Weak sister: A push-over Wear iron: Carry a wet gun: Place where alcohol is available or a person who is in favor of the legal sale of alcohol Whale: Big drinker Wise Head: A smart person Wooden Kimono: A coffin Wop: Pejorative term for an Italian worker, as in «She carves herself as a worker»: A woman who takes a man for her money Wrong Gee: Not a good guy Bad number: Not a good guy Check out our Prohibition-era costume accessories in our online gift shop! J Jack as Money Jalopy : An old car.

Jam: Trouble, a tight place Jane: A woman Java: Coffee Jaw: Talking with a nod: Nodding Jingle-brained: Addled Jobbie: Man Joe: Coffee, as in «a cup of joe» Johns: Police Johnson Brother: Criminal Joint: Place as in «my joint» Juice: Interest on a loan Shark juice Joint: Illegal drinking jug: Prison Jump, The: A Hanging H Hack: Taxi Half, a: 50 Cent Hard: Tough Harlem Sunset: A kind of fatal wound caused by knives Hash House: A cheap restaurant Hachettes: Murderers, Armed men Have the bees: Be rich Chief doctors: Psychiatrists Teas: Car Heating: Police Heating: Heebie-Jeebies weapon: Tremors. Heel: Carrying a gun High hat: Snubbing. High pillow: Person at the top, responsible Highbinders: Corrupt politician or official Hinky: Suspect Whistle: Smoking opium Hitting the eight: In good shape, fine Hock Shop: Pawnshop Pigs: Engines Hombre: Man, Guy Hooch: Inferior alcohol Hood: Criminal hoof: Dancer. Hoosegow: Prison horn: Hot phone: Stolen Hotsy-Totsy: Pleasant. House Tail: House / Hotel Detective House Pipit: House / Hotel Detective Hype: Short Money Artist G Gal: Woman Gams: A Woman`s Legs Gasper: Cigarette Gat: Gun Get Bad: Get Angry Escape Sticks: Legs Laughter Juice: Liquor Giggle Water: Liquor Gin Mill: Bar Glad Rags: Fancy Clothes Glaum: Steal Goofy: Crazy Goog: Black Eye Goon: Thug Gooseberry lay: Stealing clothes on a clothesline Gowed-up: On dope, up Take (a little) air: Raise your hands Graft: Con Jobs or Cut of Take Grand: $1000 Grift: Trust Game, Scam Grifter: Con Man Toasted: Questioned Gumshoe: Detective Gumshoeing: Detective Work Weapon for: Search, Be behind Weapons: Pickpockets, Type of gangster: a man Some of these terms have been used on the products we offer in our gift shop. Find out before the show or after the party! M Mac: a man Fact: Recognized card: Face Marbles: Pearls Brand: Miller, victim of fraud or fixed gambling Brown: Person marked for a crook or a gullible person. Meat cart: Ambulance Mickey Finn: A drink anesthetized with drops knockout Mill: Typewriter Glove: Hand Mob: Gang (not necessarily mafia-like) Mohaska: Gun, gun, coin Moll: Girlfriend Nickname: Name Mouthpiece: Lawyer Cups: Men (mostly refers to stupid) I Ice: Diamond ing-bing, as in to throw a: A suitable iron: A C car: $100, a pair Cs = $200 Cabbage: Money Caboose: Prison Copper Call: Inform the Police Can: Prison, Auto Can House: Bordello Can Opener: Safecracker that opens cheap safes Canary: Singer Carry a Torch: Suffers from unrequited love.