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Click on the following link to find out which emission test centers are authorized: To find out about the PUC center. Then select your status and desktop from the drop-down menu. You can now find the list of active PUC centers. Vehicle category applicable at the stage of manufacture to and from: The applicant who owns a vehicle may obtain this certificate. You can find more details about your vehicle at the following link: How to know your vehicle details Every vehicle on the road must have a valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate. The vehicle can be inspected and a PUC obtained from an automotive emissions testing centre (AETC). Each motor vehicle must be constructed and maintained to meet the noise standards set out in the table below and these standards must be tested in accordance with Indian standards IS:3028-1998. Every vehicle owner is required to carry a valid Controlled Pollution Certificate (CCCP) and to maintain the vehicle in a condition that meets prescribed emission standards. The PUC certificate is issued by the operator on the same day.