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01.06.2008 The pension is calculated @ 50% of the salary (last salary) or the average salary (for the last 1-0 months), whichever is more advantageous for the government official. (Section 49.) If the son or daughter of a staff member suffers from a mental disorder or disability or is physically infirm or disabled, so that he is no longer able to earn a living even after the age of 25, the family pension may continue to be paid for life under certain conditions. The inflation allowance is deducted from the initial basic pension. What is the minimum and maximum pension after the seventh CPC? The pension cannot be less than Rs.9000/- (excluding the supplementary pension element for elderly pensioners) and cannot exceed 50% of the highest government salary, i.e. Rs.25, O0Ol- w.e, f. 01,06,2017. Where can we download pension/nomination forms? All forms are available on the Department of Pensions and Pensioners` website: Well-being. An invalidity pension may be granted if the official requests retirement because of a physical or mental weakness which renders him or her incapable for life. The application for a disability pension must be accompanied by a medical report from the competent medical association.

(i) A staff member who is terminated or dismissed shall forfeit his or her pension and allowance, provided that, in the case of a special examination, the competent authority responsible for the termination or dismissal may impose a compassionate care allowance not exceeding two thirds of the pension or bonus, or both, that would have been granted to him or her had he or she retired. A retiree may choose to commute up to 40% of the pension authorized at the time of retirement. Withdrawal (with the exception of technical withdrawal) results in the forfeiture of the previous service. Therefore, no pension will be paid in case of withdrawal. An extraordinary pension in the form of an extraordinary invalidity/family pension may be paid to the civil servant/his/her family if the invalidity/death (or aggravation of the disability/death) of the civil servant while serving is attributed to the civil service. For the granting of an extraordinary pension, there should therefore be an accidental link between invalidity and public service; and death and the public service, so that accountability or aggravation can be recognized. However, the amount of the pension depends on the category of disability/death. State employees appointed from 1.1.2010 are not covered by the rules of the CCS (special pension scheme). The pensioner`s card is issued by the department in which the employee last worked. In the case of IAS officials who retire during the Central Deputation, the identity card may be issued by the competent ministry, the department.

In the event of the departure of state government officials, the identity card may be issued by the government of the Land concerned. Future good behaviour is the implicit condition for the grant/continuation of the pension The appointing authority may, by written order, withhold or withdraw a pension or part thereof permanently or for a specified period if the pensioner is convicted of a serious offence or of serious misconduct and was in receipt of a pension at the time of death. No, a retirement savings account cannot be opened at any branch of a bank. In each state, there is a list of public and private sector banks where a retirement account can be opened. A retirement pension shall be granted to an official who retires or retires before retirement age or to an official who, after declaring the surplus, decides to withdraw voluntarily. Yes, no staff member against whom departmental or judicial proceedings have been instituted under article 9 of the Pension Code prior to retirement, or a pensioner against whom such proceedings are instituted after retirement, may receive a portion of his provisional pension approved under article 69 of the Pension Rules: or convert the annuity. What rules, if any, govern the pension and gratuity of employees leaving the Nagaland Department of State for the duration of these proceedings? How is the 15-year period counted towards the reinstatement of the commuted portion of the pension? All vacation days for which public holiday pay is paid are entitled to a pension and gratuity Extraordinary leave (EoL) with medical certificate (MC) also entitles you to a pension and gratuity. End of life without CM is only eligible because of the inability to join the service in the event of civil unrest or if it is eligible for higher scientific and technical studies. Can a retirement account be opened at any branch of any bank? What remuneration counts as remuneration for pensions and tips? No. The death grant/pension and the commuter value of the pension are: completely exempt from income tax. 20.

Are all holiday periods entitled to a pension and bonus? The 15-year reinstatement period can only be taken into account from the date of retirement itself if the value of the pension was paid during the first month of retirement, resulting in an appropriate reduction due to the conversion of the first pension itself. In all other cases where the conversion of the pension has/led to a reduction in the second or the following month, the period of 1 to 5 years from the date on which the pension reduction took effect shall be taken into account. Yes, as from 01.06.2008 the amount of the pension/family pension for elderly pensioners/family pensioners has been increased as follows: O.M.No.