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Does Amazon really only have one problem that we are working on = that will be solved in such a way that you can then buy and download individual MP3s as usual? I mean download to a smartphone and play it with any player app! This means NOT listening offline via the amazon-music app if there is no internet connection! I don`t want to use this app, I want to use the f-droid player that I`ve been using for a long time and can use my purchased MP3 as before. Amazon support told me to try downloading again after the next Music app update, which I did – to no avail. In the amazon help, it is now stated that downloads will no longer be usable outside the amazon-music-app and the corresponding folder in the Android file system will remain empty. To me, this doesn`t sound like a fehöer we`re working on, but a deliberate change from Amazon. Can anyone comment on that? I am looking for a way to download MP3 legally and for a fee so that I can then play it through the player of my choice. Would be happy with the info. Thank you! Remember that SoundCloud is a social networking platform – this means that people access it not only to share music, but also to connect with others. It is acceptable to contact a DJ/producer («send a DM» in internet parlance) to request a track that is not available for free download, but you must do it in a way that is not spammed and, more importantly, presents something of value to the DJ/producer in exchange for the free melody. Music conversion is legally controversial.

When converting, users enter the link of a music video on a corresponding web page, which then converts the video to a music file and makes it available for download. Although many video platforms stipulate in their terms of service that their videos can only be viewed through streaming, users often do not have to agree to these terms and conditions to access the video. There are still no court decisions defining the conversion of music videos as legal or illegal. I buy a song from time to time on Amazon Music. Of course, I did the download then. How can I listen to the song offline (in the car). This consumes my entire volume of data as it just seems to connect. If you want to download music legally, you will come across different formats depending on the platform. The codecs used reduce the file size, which saves valuable storage space. On the other hand, depending on the bit rate, they only have a minor effect on the quality of the music.

It is also clear: with compression, losses in detail are always to be expected. Their level is ultimately determined by the amount of the bit rate. Various platforms, such as Noisetrade or Jamendo, have compiled a catalog with many albums and songs that have been released under the Creative Commons license. This makes it possible to download free and legal. It`s mostly royalty-free music. To make it easier to search, you can try searching for songs with the «free music» tag associated with them. This gives you an overview of all the songs labeled as free, and then you can simply browse through the results and search for the songs you want to get. Hello, I hardly know my way. I would like to assemble one or more USB sticks with music, mainly oldies, jazz or other.

Is there a platform for this (legally) You can`t legally download free DJ music from YouTube. Engaging in YouTube rips to build your DJ library is still illegal: it`s just a new form of music piracy, so you`re always stealing and scamming the artist who made the music. But other than that, there`s another reason why you should avoid ripping: they sound bad, especially compared to other MP3s you`ve acquired legally. The downloaded music file doesn`t take up much space because Apple relies on the aforementioned AAC format with a bit rate of 256 kilobits. However, you need to do without lossless songs in the iTunes Store. Apple offers you lossless music in CD quality (or even beyond) only if you subscribe to the Apple Music streaming service. If you want to buy and download songs conventionally, you have to settle for AAC at Apple. I downloaded a free music downloader app. It is blue / turquoise ohseokman11 and hst two round dots.

Is the question legal? Mona Hello, I have been using the Musicmonster homepage for about 5 years. Until the end of 2018 I was really happy with it, but the new presentation or download function is a real step backwards. So I`m looking for a reasonable alternative to be able to download music legally. Or there`s another option at MusicMonster that makes it easier. ??? Hello, unfortunately, has changed the download provider, so that now some of the songs are no longer downloadable – despite the display – or in such poor quality (only 80 kbit/s) that they are only mono. Try for example a song for 4 (!) months – I am shown as «found», but unfortunately the download never works – despite complaints. Musicmonster`s only reaction is «so they have to look for another supplier». Music stores like o2 Music have an advantage over streaming services: you can download music and store it permanently. Instead of the monthly subscription fee, you pay a one-time purchase price for individual songs or entire albums – after that, they`re yours and you can download them to as many devices as you want or even burn them to CDs. Typically, stores rely on AAC or MP3, which is why songs have a small storage space. Hello Sebastian, there was a Windoof program to search and download songs on the net.