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MPD Police Stations There are currently nine police stations in the Memphis area. Do you need a neighbourhood watch group established in your neighbourhood? Would you like to know more about the inner workings of MPD through the Citizens Police Academy? Contact your local police station for information about these and other community services offered by the Memphis Police Department. Police misconduct, such as abuse of power, inappropriate use of excessive force, and entering a home without a warrant, violates people`s rights and exposes their department to prosecution. The police are expected to follow the law and police service procedures in order to protect citizens and uphold constitutional rights. Certain circumstances must not constitute misconduct. If you think you are a victim of police misconduct, you should immediately consult a lawyer in Memphis who will handle cases of police misconduct. The lawyer will review the facts of the event to determine if you have a valid case and then take appropriate legal action. The investigating authority usually depends on where or how you report police misconduct. Police investigations of misconduct may be conducted by local or state law enforcement departments, federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of the Interior, local, state, or federal civil rights departments, attorneys general, or governor`s offices. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) also helps report and investigate police misconduct and brutality. The legal department also provides services through its claims, permits, subway alarms, ethics and risk management departments, and manages public records requests. Eric R.

Atstupenas General Counsel Massachusetts Association of Chiefs of Police 353 Providence Road South Grafton, MA 01560 P. (508) 400-3726 While you may anonymously report or send evidence of police misconduct, your identity is often required to move forward with these very serious allegations. Typically, the investigative body needs evidence and witnesses to hold an officer accountable for internal complaints or to prosecute crimes as criminal charges. In the case of civil complaints, a complaint may only be filed anonymously or under a pseudonym if this is done to protect the person making the request. Memphis, TN – Acting U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Murphy Jr. and Frayser community stakeholders announced the Better Community Summit to reduce violent crime in our city. Organizers and attendees of the inaugural summit include the Memphis Police Department, represented by Deputy Police Chief Paul Wright, the Pursuit of God Transformation Center, represented by Pastor Ricky Floyd, and Charles Caswell, executive director of Legacy of Legends, CDC. The U.S.

Department of Justice is committed to working with law enforcement and other stakeholders to reduce violent crime in Memphis and western Tennessee. To achieve this goal, the department tasked each U.S. attorney`s office with formulating a strategic plan to reduce violent crime. To this end, our office held meetings with more than 40 clergy from the greater Memphis area to discuss violent crime and recommend possible solutions. The U.S. Attorney`s Office, the Memphis Police Department, nonprofits, clergy, and other community stakeholders are pleased to announce the first of five Better Community Summits, to be held Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 10 a.m. at the Pursuit of God Transformation Center, 3759 North Watkins Street. The summit is tailored to the needs of parents and children. Topics include family violence prevention, gang conversations, community conflict resolution, and de-escalation training. Starting in 2022, the remaining four workshops will be held quarterly in the northern regions of Memphis; Whitehaven/Westwood; Hickory Hill/East Memphis and Orange Mound/South Memphis.

In general, there are three ways to report police misconduct: internal ministry complaints, criminal charges or civil lawsuits. Internal complaints include reporting an officer`s misconduct to the chief of their police service or the head of their law enforcement agency. Some misconduct may constitute criminal behaviour that you can report to a police or law enforcement agency. Finally, filing a civil suit against the public servant who committed the misconduct or the department may be an option to obtain financial damages. USEFUL LINKSGeneral HelpOnline Claims Reporting SystemRequest for Public DocumentsCONTACTJennifer A.